Sit back & relax while your batteries recharge with ANSMANN's new Comfort range

21 July 2020

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ANSMANN have launched an innovative new range of battery chargers for the home, office, car, camping – or wherever you need to charge your everyday rechargeable batteries. Powered by USB, simply plug the supplied cable into the charger and a suitable USB outlet, put your batteries in & wait until the LEDs turn green – then you can either remove the batteries or leave them in until you need them.

The new Comfort Range offers the freedom of charging batteries at home, or in the office, using a USB power supply that you may already have, or via a power bank – meaning you can literally charge your batteries anywhere. You can even power these chargers from a USB outlet in your car. The chargers come with a USB-A to Micro-USB cable for convenience.

ANSMANN have designed a new charging technology that they call 'Perfect 7', which analyses your batteries and charges them safely and quickly. See the diagram, which shows the stages of this new charging process.

Ansmann Comfort USB charging_580x280

These intelligent chargers also check the power from the USB power supply and if this is a little low (recommended is minimum 2.1A), the charger will pause the charging process to a battery or batteries until the others are charged and then charge the paused ones. This is shown by a flashing orange LED. Other LED indications include a solid red LED, showing the batteries are being charged, and a flashing red LED showing that the battery inserted is faulty, or has the wrong polarity or wrong chemistry.

Ansmann Perfect 7 charging technology

The Comfort Mini starts from just £11.95; the SMART at £14.95; and the MULTI at £26.95 (prices are ANSMANN’s RRP and include VAT). For more information, please contact: Peter Turnell, Product Marketing Manager – or tel: 0870 609 2233

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