Disruptive Bizen transistor technology secures Capex investment to expedite delivery of first product

15 July 2020

SFN_Bizen Power Wafer Pic_580x280
SFN_Bizen Power Wafer Pic_580x280

Early adopters lining up to use the novel Bizen transistor wafer process technology, which uses quantum tunnel mechanics; silicon data & PDK to be delivered this summer.

As a direct result of successful first silicon tests, Bizen®, a new transistor technology that is challenging CMOS, promising to slash lead times and reduce wafer area and process layers while increasing speed, reducing power and increasing density, is set to benefit from investment in new process equipment which will expedite its development. One wafer run is already being produced every month by manufacturing ally, Semefab, and initial analysis is very positive for both power and digital circuits.

David Summerland, CEO & founder of Nottingham-based Search For The Next (SFN), which is developing the Bizen technology, explains: “We are working closely with Semefab to get products to market as quickly as possible – ideally by the end of the year. No special fab equipment is required, but we are making strategic investments in capital equipment to ensure that the prototyping and proving processes are completed without delay.

This aggressive timescale is only possible because one of the key attributes of Bizen is that it reduces leadtimes from 15 weeks – which is typical for CMOS – to just 12 days. Bizen also halves the number of process layers required, while equalling or bettering the speed and low power capabilities offered by current CMOS devices.

Summerland concludes: “Based on our initial results, which have exceeded our expectations, we are already looking to contract with early adopters; on completion of signing, we will release the PDK to them. We expect to present comprehensive test data on initial silicon at the end of the summer together with details of our first product plans.

David Summerland CEO SFN Wafer background_580x280
David Summerland CEO SFN Wafer background_580x280

For more details about Bizen & SFN, please visit: https://www.wafertrain.com/index.php/blog

About Bizen

Bizen is a new semiconductor process that applies the principles of quantum tunnel mechanics to any computing or power technology. When compared to CMOS, Bizen results in a five-fold lead time reduction – down from 15 weeks to just 12 days. Moreover, the new process achieves a three-fold increase in gate density and a matching three-fold reduction in die size. Also, power consumption drops and performance increases. Bizen technology lets designers create a simpler circuit with far fewer layers, enabling complex devices to be manufactured in the large geometry fabs that already exist in the UK. Bizen is patent-protected and is developed in the UK by Search For The Next (SFN).

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