Contactless technology automates the hotel experience for guests & operators

10 July 2020


Plug-and-play IoT technology solution enables 'contactless hotels', improving the experience for guests & reducing costs for operators – especially during this coronavirus pandemic – as well as delivering invaluable insights.

Easy to install and inexpensive to maintain, SYMBIoT can drive every part of the guest experience and hotel management. It claims to be "the brain at the centre of next generation, smart hotel rooms", delivering "The Contactless Hotel".

For hotel operators, the technology solution drives efficiency, saving time and money by enabling fewer staff on duty, working in a safer environment, with streamlined housekeeping and lower maintenance costs. SYMBIoT also delivers invaluable data and insights through a user-friendly dashboard, while protecting guest data with “military-grade” security.

For guests, SYMBIoT slashes queues at reception by automating check in and check out. It gives them complete control of their stay, direct from any mobile device, on any network. There is no need to download an app: the cloud-based click-and-go innovation provides a higher level of security than app-driven alternatives. Guests can check-in, operate lifts, unlock their room door and control all its switches inside, without ever having to touch anything other than their own mobile phone. There is no need for key cards or other alternatives.

Simple API interaction mean SYMBIoT can control heating and air-con, lighting, blinds, locks, TV and audio equipment. It can be expanded to seamlessly include numerous other devices. And for guests that prefer traditional room control solutions, SYMBIoT happily works alongside them.

The installation package includes a cloud management platform that offers removes the need for dated, expensive physical servers on site.

The moment a guest makes a booking, they receive their confirmation email, with the added control link. SYMBIoT is now enabled for them. As soon as they check in, they can control the room from their phone. When the guest checks out at the end of their stay, an alert is sent to housekeeping via the property management system (PMS). The guest loses control of their room and it can be prepared for the next guest.

SYMBIoT even provides real time room diagnostics, with the power to alert maintenance staff when something needs fixing in the room – right down to something as simple as a lightbulb that needs replacing.

SYMBIoT is the result of five years of research and development, a collaboration between a multidisciplinary global team. SYMBIoT’s innovation partners include: Samsung, Salto, Boxbuild, Artemide and Crestron. The technology has already been installed at Bloc’s flagship hotel at London Gatwick Airport. And the team behind the invention are now making it available to all in the hotel industry.

SYMBIoT claims to transform the way hotels do business in a post-pandemic world. National media have reported that SYMBIoT will “stop hotel queueing” and that it is “safer than key cards because of military-grade encryption”.

SYMBIoT’s Chief Technology Officer, Olivier Delaunoy said: “Because of COVID-19, there is a lot of interest in not having guests crossing paths in reception, and to minimise the risk of droplet or contact transmission between guests and staff. The SYMBIoT system allows guests to check-in and check-out on their own device without interacting with anyone. They can also operate their room’s lights, blinds, climate and TV, which is ground-breaking. Being smart with tech will let hotel operators focus on reducing risk and improving customer experience.

Uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 leaves huge question marks over the future of the hotel industry, with technology poised to play a key role in its resurgence. SYMBIoT is the contactless solution for your hotel. A one-stop solution for reducing the risk of contact infection in hotels and ensuring customer safety – allowing guests to book, check in, access, control and check out of rooms, all from their own device. The fully-integrated technology platform is stable, secure and customisable. Hotels can now move forward with confidence, offering a safer guest experience and the added benefit of operational efficiencies and improved staff safety. The technology was pioneered at tech-savvy Bloc Hotel Gatwick Airport and will be available to all guests as it re-opens in the coming months.

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