Industrial social distancing solution can help expedite reopening as lockdown eases

11 May 2020

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Wearable Technologies_Eleksen-Safer-Space_industrial social distancing smart tech solution_580x280.jpg

In response to this national crisis, Wearable Technologies has developed a smart tech proximity warning solution for social distancing, with employer reporting, that may help enable industrial customers, such as manufacturers, to expedite reopening as COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased.

As manufacturing and construction businesses are given the green light by Government to begin to re-open, ELEKSEN's Safer Space module is available to help make this transition safely. As the industrial world navigates the difficult realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, so do the front-line workers on the plant floor, who are so essential in keeping our economy and supply chains running.

ELEKSEN Safer Space wearable smart tech detects one worker encroaching into another worker’s 4m and 2m personal space, also providing employers with a complete suite of real-time analytics. ELEKSEN's connected industrial worker solution is already deployed in sectors such as oil & gas, construction, utilities and warehousing – and this is an additional proximity warning module built upon this existing platform.

Workers wear a small, portable cloud-connected personal safety hub, attached to their PPE or hi-viz gear, which emits Bluetooth signals that are registered by other workers' hubs when they encroach into one another's 4m, and then 2m personal space, emitting a warning sound, light and haptic alert. Expandable sensing and monitoring functionality (for instance, gas or noise, and 360° coverage) and warning capabilities (such as additional warning lights built into smart garments) are available – and data is sent to the cloud analytics suite to provide actionable intelligence, helping employers identify incident hot-spots, audit trails and rank at most risk workers, in order to make data-driven safety decisions.

Benefits for the worker:
•    Assisting workers to maintain 2m social distancing, protecting themselves & those around them
•    Helping drive the right behaviour changes across the workforce

Employer benefits:
•    Monitoring effectiveness of social distancing policies in real-time
•    Identifying issues relating to employee density in different parts of sites
•    Comparing effectiveness of policies across different sites
•    Implementing digital audit trails, demonstrating compliance with recommended Government and Health & Safety policies
•    Additional reporting & analytics capabilities:
       –    Location of alerts
       –    Incident hot-spotting
       –    Ranking of most at risk workers
       –    Compliance comparison
       –    Audit trail to confirm effectiveness
•    COVID-19 contact tracing & reporting
•    Additional modular sensor technology to monitor employee safety
•    Post COVID-19 legacy solution can continue to be used to improve worker safety & increase productivity (gas alerts, proximity warning systems, noise alerts)

Benefits for Government-funded implementations (optional):
•    Audit trails demonstrating compliance with recommended policy
•    Delivery of data across industries, which will assist in:
       –    Deciding which industries & companies can continue to operate/re-open
       –    Discussions with trade unions & industry bodies

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