Powerbox COVID-19 Task Force provides strategic business support to medical applications

28 April 2020

From external adapters to fully customised units, PRBX & COSEL provide power solutions for demanding medical applications [image: PRBX/Shutterstock/Nimon]
From external adapters to fully customised units, PRBX & COSEL provide power solutions for demanding medical applications [image: PRBX/Shutterstock/Nimon]

Powerbox (PRBX), one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, is working diligently to support customers using its power supply products in medical applications addressing the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to ensure that its overall customer support & service can continue without interruption.

PRBX standard and custom power solutions are used in medical equipment such as ventilators, infusion-pumps, remote patient monitoring, anesthesia machines, ultrasound, MRI, mobile X-ray equipment, and many more. Without a power supply unit (PSU), nothing works, so the PSU is a critical component in all of these types of equipment.

In close cooperation with its customers, and with the highest level of priority given to maintaining medical equipment while maintaining service to all of its customers, PRBX has set up a dedicated COVID-19 Task Force to guarantee business continuation during this difficult period.

Powerbox (PRBX) stands united in this global crisis that is evolving daily, impacting each and every one of us, including our families, friends and communities. Our prime concern is the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners. That commitment covers everything, from making sure we are playing our part to “stop the spread”, to maintaining business continuity, so that our customers and partners don’t have to worry about theirs.

We are operating effectively with most employees working remotely. Maintaining a high degree of safety, we have reinforced some of our workforce in European manufacturing facilities; we have implemented actions to scale our operation and meet critical customer demand; and should the need arise, we have business continuity plans that address the potential impact of this crisis.

We are confident that we can continue to deliver the highest service levels complete with the care and attention expected by our customers. In many regions, our employees are considered essential because they support customers engaged in the race to help medical care fight COVID-19, where all PRBX departments are working closely and supporting each other to bring the highest level of service to our customers.

In these extraordinary times, PRBX is committed to the health and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers and partners, who together make PRBX part of a global community. It is our top priority to maintain the business continuity needed to provide support and service to all our customers around the world,” said Tatsuo Yamamoto, Powerbox (PRBX) CEO.

In Europe and Asia, our logistic teams are working hard to ensure we get strategic components and sub-assemblies needed to manufacture the much-needed PSUs. In the event of specific component shortages resulting in it not being possible to complete certain products, our R&D and Product Management teams are able to work closely with customers to provide alternative solutions from PRBX or COSEL product ranges.

Some of our customers’ medical equipment require very specific, custom-designed PSUs to meet unique requirements and specifications. For those, it is business critical to avoid disruption of their supply chain and for that purpose, PRBX has expanded its Swedish manufacturing workshop, bringing in additional resources, including support from our manufacturing team at Bremen, Germany.

Part of The Cosel Group, the PRBX portfolio spans commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) point-of-load to multi-kilowatt, fully customised power solutions, offering a broad range of solutions to support medical and para-medical applications. We are committed to the highest level of support to our customers, simultaneously helping to protect our community. As an example, PRBX has donated protection masks to the Norrköping hospital in Sweden and our regional offices engaged in local activities.

For more info on how PRBX addresses medical applications, please visit: www.prbx.com/industries/medical/

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