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26 February 2020


embedded world 2020 opened its doors yesterday morning as planned, despite coronavirus fears precipitating a raft of high profile exhibitor cancellations (more than 150) & an anticipated fall in visitor numbers. Around 900 companies offering embedded technologies ranging from components, modules & complete systems to operating systems, hardware, software & services still presented themselves at the trade fair.

Coronavirus fears
The fact that exhibitor numbers are significantly lower than last year is due to the threat and fear of the coronavirus, which has discouraged some companies from exhibiting at the exhibition. "We have never held an exhibition under such complex, global conditions before. Unfortunately, the effects of the coronavirus situation on this fair cannot be completely avoided. We regret, but respect the fact that a number of companies will now not be attending the fair at short notice. Nevertheless, we are convinced that embedded world is attractive and worthwhile for exhibitors and visitors again this year," says Dr. Roland Fleck, joint CEO of NürnbergMesse. And he continues: "The guiding maxim for our actions is without doubt that the health of all of us is the greatest good that needs to be protected. As organisers, we have therefore considered this with great care in the last few days and are convinced – also in close cooperation with the authorities – that the exhibition can take place. The service and the added value that this fair provides for the entire industry are of great importance."

Peter Ottmann, joint CEO of NürnbergMesse, adds: "As the leading exhibition, embedded world is the most important meeting place of the year for companies in the industry. We see ourselves as a service provider for the embedded industry and as such are obliged to hold the exhibition even when the general conditions are difficult. Impulses emanate from this event – for example in the field of IoT – that have an impact on the entire economy".

Even though, after rational consideration of all the facts surrounding the coronavirus – also considering the latest developments in Italy – and in exchange with the authorities, the fair taking place was not at issue, several additional measures have been taken to further increase safety and hygiene. These include increased cleaning and disinfection precautions, sensitisation and training of all staff, as well as the provision of qualified doctors.

Top trends in embedded
embedded world and its conference programme are synonymous with the latest trends and developments and top-level knowledge transfer. Expert interaction and the dedicated communication of specialist knowledge are the priority: at the stands and in the exhibitor forums, in the Expert Talks, and especially in the two top-quality technical conferences. From the outset, the first-class, high-quality presentations and programme items at the embedded world Conference and electronic displays Conference have been a winning drawcard for the trade world.

embedded world is tremendously important for the industry. We are encouraged by the commitment shown by the embedded community in difficult times like this, which highlights the particular significance of the event. After all, embedded world remains, even in the current situation, THE international meeting place for the worldwide embedded community, with more than 930 companies from all around the world.” says Thomas Preutenborbeck, a member of the NürnbergMesse management team.

Connecting Embedded Intelligence: the theme for both exhibition & conference
As the international meeting place for the embedded sector, the embedded world Conference reflects the latest trends. These of course include machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). End-to-end networking now makes it possible to gather huge volumes of data, which must be evaluated and analysed in order to extract strategies for future action from them. Determining how much data can be processed on-site and what will be transmitted to the Cloud can be a difficult process, and this will be one of the key topics for discussion at the conference. The theme this year is “Connecting Embedded Intelligence”.

Even so, there will be plenty of focus on the other long-term themes, such as hardware and software engineering, and the Internet of Things (IoT). No other core topics have ever attracted so many presentations. The overall programme for 2020 will be divided into ten conference clusters: Internet of Things; Connected Systems; Embedded OS; Functional Safety & Security; Hardware; Software Engineering; Embedded Vision; Intelligent Systems; Embedded HMI & GUI; and System-on-Chip (SoC).

Keynote on the platform economy & the IIoT
In his keynote presentation at the embedded world Conference on the first day of the exhibition, Professor Ulrich Löwen, Siemens Industrial, Department of Corporate Technology (CT), spoke on the platform economy and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Data from sensors, devices and gateways comes together on IoT platforms, where it is consolidated, observed and evaluated. Professor Löwen presented a range of platform models, which differ in aspects such as how open or closed they are. He showed the impacts technology has on business models and value chains – an interesting view beyond the horizon.

Professor Löwen is Senior Principal Key Expert Engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology, the company’s central R&D division. He has built up extensive experience in the various positions he has held during his time with Siemens. He is a member of the Industrie 4.0 Platform and numerous other consortia and international organisations.

Precise expert knowledge at the electronic displays Conference
There can be no doubt that the electronic displays Conference is the most important B2B platform for display technologies in Europe. The high-level knowledge transfer and professional dialogue between participants and speakers is a high priority. On 26th & 27th February, developers, scientists and users of electronic displays will discuss the latest display technologies, including LCD, Micro-LEDs, touch, optical bonding, screen systems and automotive displays.

Once again this year, the conference will show that displays are a central and innovative component of embedded systems. Displays are a prominent and important theme, not just in the conference but also in the exhibition halls. The link between theory and practice can be seen and experienced in the electronic displays area in Halls 1 and 3. This offers a platform for the latest technology in the areas of LCD, OLED, ePaper, touch, interfaces, display solutions and much more.

Highlights this year are keynotes on display trends, a number of sessions on automotive displays and other top-level presentations on display metrology, display optimisation, AR/VR, GUI/HMI and special applications. Author interviews have grown to become a strong tradition at the conference. After each session, these provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the presentation in a small group.

All the information about the programme for the electronic displays Conference 2020 is available at: events.weka-fachmedien.de/electronic-displays-conference/program

Top-level expert rounds & focus on current topics of interest
The format for the Expert Talks at embedded world has become established, and is very well received. Following the highly successful previous events in the series, the popular panel discussions on Safety & Security, Embedded Vision, and Embedded Intelligence will be held once again in 2020. The round of talks entitled “Embedded Vision Everywhere!?” will begin at the forum in Hall 2 at 13:30 on 26 February. The programme will continue with the expert round “Connecting Embedded Intelligence”, also on 26 February, starting at 15:30 in the exhibitors’ forum in Hall 3A. And last but not least, specialists will discuss all aspects of “Safe for the Future” at the forum in Hall 2 at 14:00 on Thursday 27 February, when they look at the latest challenges affecting the development of secure systems in an age of rapidly expanding functions and growing complexity.

For more information on these top-quality events with high-calibre participants, please go to www.embedded-world.de/en/events

Theory meets practice: special presentations in the halls
The theoretical knowledge communicated during the conferences will not only be presented in detail at the exhibitors’ stands in the exhibition halls, but will also be expanded on in the special display areas devoted to M2M, electronic displays and Safety & Security; young and innovative companies also present in the start-up area. A new development this year is the embedded vision area in Hall 2, where companies will present image recognition and processing systems incorporating reasonably priced, efficient and reliable embedded systems.

New, additional category at embedded award 2020
The embedded award was presented for especially innovative products and developments in the categories of hardware, software, embedded vision and start-ups. A new development this year was that the award was also offered in the category of Safety & Security. On 25th February 2020, the first day of the exhibition, a jury of industry experts recognised examples of outstanding performance in technical development for the 16th time. The sought-after awards were presented as part of the international press tour. Together with the management team from NürnbergMesse, Professor Axel Sikora announced the winners in each category at the exhibitors’ forum in Hall 3A.

The list of winners and nominees is available online at: www.embedded-world.de/nominees2020

Student Day: the annual highlight for university students
Every spring for more than ten years, the community has been gathering at embedded world in Nuremberg, the world’s leading trade fair for embedded systems, to learn about new developments in all aspects of embedded system technologies. University students in the relevant disciplines are a fixed part of the event, and the Student Day on 27th February 2020 will give new talents in the embedded scene a further opportunity to expand their networks and expertise.

The richly varied programme will be rounded out by an exclusive keynote presentation by Professor Jana Koehler, CEO of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, DFKI). Under the heading “Artificial Intelligence – The Next Twenty Years”, she will turn her focus to the future of artificial intelligence. A specialist in AI, artificial robotics and Industrie 4.0, as well as software architecture, her activities include the optimisation and digitalisation of business processes.

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