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80-150W salt spray-resistant AC/DC converter LI Series for marine industry

08 January 2020


80-150W AC/DC converter LI series is a high-reliability converter for offshore equipment, designed by MORNSUN according to the relevant standards of China Classification Society. It is specially designed for marine electric apparatus & coastal electrical equipment, such as satellite communication, shipborne navigational aids, shipborne positioning equipment, shore power piles, and the like.

The marine environment is different from land, please check those characteristics as follows:
1. The annual and daily changes in the temperature of the marine environment are very small, with cloudy and foggy weather throughout a year and high humidity. Water mist has certain corrosiveness, which requires electrical equipment to have certain corrosion resistance;
2. Because there will be some bumps in the ship's driving process, so electrical equipment is required to meet certain vibration experiments;
3. The voltage fluctuation of the shipboard engine is large, so the converter is required to have a wide range of inputs, and also have input under-voltage and over-voltage protection.

MORNSUN offshore converter perfectly matches the electrical equipment requirements of the marine environment. The product has been designed with reliable technology to meet the requirements of salt spray test and vibration test; the wide input voltage range of 85-305VAC/100-430VDC meets the upper and lower limits of unstable fluctuations voltage equipment such as shipboard engines.

In addition, because the product has features such as 3000VAC isolated voltage, EMC performance meeting the equipment requirements of the bridge and deck area, and multiple protection functions (input under-voltage, over voltage, output short circuit, over voltage, over current protection), it is reliable to use in electrical equipment systems under marine environments.

The product can be widely used in industrial, marine and coastal equipment, especially for shipborne satellite communications, shipborne navigation, positioning equipment, shore power piles, and the like.

1.    Meet the criteria of salt spray test and vibration test
2.    Wide input voltage range

    •    85-305VAC/100-430VDC wide input voltage range, which meets the upper and lower limits of unstable fluctuations voltage equipment, such as shipboard engines;
    •    AC-DC dual-use (same terminal input);
    •    Self-contained output lead.
3.    High reliability
    •    Operating temperature range:-25? to 70?;
    •    Isolation voltage up to 3000VAC;
    •    Mean time between failure (MTBF) >300,000H;
    •    It has input under voltage, over voltage, output short circuit, over voltage and over current protection, which guarantees the reliability of the system and the safety of the staff.

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