New levels of control & integration for home & building automation via PanL Smart Living from Bridgetek

25 November 2019

Bridgetek PanL Smart Living

Bridgetek is aiming to drive the building & home automation sector forward with the production release of its complete PanL Smart Living (PSL) solution – providing greater comfort & convenience to people’s homes, as well as making them safer & more energy efficient.

Thanks to its support of a wide range of different wireless and wireline connectivity protocols, Bridgetek’s PSL solution facilitates interaction with all types of automated functions within a domestic context, as well as in offices, hotels and other everyday environments. It enables the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, curtains/blinds and household appliances, plus the activation of door entry mechanisms and such like.

This means that, rather than having a multitude of standalone subsystems for every one of these functions (each with its own separate user interface), the whole thing can be managed by utilising one streamlined and intuitive platform.

Every aspect of the smart home can be controlled through PSL - by accessing a single, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate user interface covering all the functional elements. This may be done via one of the wall-mounted touch-based display units situated around the residence, a simple mobile app or by voice (working in conjunction with an Alexa digital assistant). The whole experience is made far more straightforward and enjoyable (avoiding any user frustration), as the formerly isolated subsystems are all now connected to the PSL platform, rather than having their own controls (with no real consistency or interoperability between them).

This new approach also offers the possibility for different functions to be coordinated together – so that, for example, automatic blinds could be triggered to close when it starts to get dark outside, or the heating turned on to coincide with the lighting. Particular scenarios can be established and user preferences defined.

The connectivity supported by PSL covers Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), IRDA, 433MHz RF, Z-Wave, Zigbee, DMX512, DALI and Ethernet, plus proprietary technologies like Hue. PSL can also get data from sensor devices distributed throughout the building’s interior and around its exterior, relating to room temperature, ambient light levels, the presence of potential intruders, detection of smoke, and suchlike.

The inherent versatility and scalability of this unique platform facilitates the adding of new functionality over time, presenting the market with long-term installations that will quickly justify their initial investment. Once fitted there won’t be any need for the core hardware to be replaced or upgraded. Instead PSL can expand and evolve to incorporate emerging technologies and attend to a more extensive array of prospective use cases.

Bridgetek’s PSL platform is fully compatible with technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers – such as Philips, Heimann, OSRAM, Daikin, iHorn, EuChips, DMX, Somfy and NYCE. The company’s technical team is now looking to engage directly with the system integrator community, in order to develop bespoke arrangements that exactly fit their end customers’ needs.

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