Electronics industry experts discuss 'Prototyping with Purpose' in Mouser’s latest 'Engineering Big Ideas' eBook

14 November 2019


In its new 'Prototyping with Purpose' eBook, experts from Mouser & the electronics industry walk through the design process, discussing tools, software methodology, circuit design & the final integration into a solid prototype.

Mouser Electronics has released 'Prototyping with Purpose', its second eBook from its 'Engineering Big Ideas' series, the newest series in Mouser's 'Empowering Innovation Together' programme. In the new eBook, experts from Mouser and the electronics industry walk through the design process, discussing tools, software methodology, circuit design and the final integration into a solid prototype.

The prototype stage is where innovators really start to understand the viability of their ideas, as well as what might be required in the final product,” said Kevin Hess, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Mouser Electronics. “This new 'Engineering Big Ideas' eBook ties in well with the latest video in the series, in which Grant Imahara and Arduino CTO, Massimo Banzi talk about the importance of prototyping in the innovation-to-productisation process.

The new 'Prototyping with Purpose' eBook includes in-depth articles from tech experts like Wizard of Make” and Senior Staff Engineer at Microchip Technology, Bob Martin, who looks at the spaces, hardware and software ideal for successful prototyping. Special contributions to the new eBook also include an examination of the proof-of-concept stage by Dr. Andy Stanford-Clark, CTO of IBM in UK & Ireland, and best practices for developing embedded software by Magic Leap software engineer, Akash Gujarati.

The 'Engineering Big Ideas' series is supported by Mouser’s valued suppliers Analog Devices, Intel, Microchip Technology and Molex.

Since 2015, Mouser's 'Empowering Innovation Together' programme has highlighted a range of innovative electronic component developments, from IoT and smart cities of the future to robotics technologies.
To learn more about this and all of Mouser’s 'Empowering Innovation Together' series, visit www.mouser.com/empowering-innovation and to read the new 'Prototyping with Purpose' eBook, go to www.mouser.com/news/ebi-ebook2/mobile/index.html

About Grant Imahara
Well known in the engineering community, Grant Imahara has paired his engineering expertise with a successful TV and film career. In addition to his roles on MythBusters and BattleBots, Imahara has worked on many famous robotic characters, including R2-D2 from Star Wars, the talking robot skeleton sidekick, Geoff Peterson from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and the Energizer Bunny.

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