Electronics professionals identify their top design trends for 2020: extending battery life, 5G & sustainability

06 November 2019

6SigmaET_Tom Gregory-Product Manager_talk_EDS
6SigmaET_Tom Gregory-Product Manager_talk_EDS

Extending battery life, 5G & sustainability have been identified as the biggest trends driving electronic product design in 2020, according to new survey research conducted at this year’s Engineering Design Show by thermal simulation provider, 6sigmaET.

6SigmaET polled 100 electronics professionals and engineers at EDS, asking what they thought would be the biggest trends impacting new product development in the electronics industry in 2020.


Electronic design priorities in 2020:

•    Extending device battery life (26%)

•    5G capabilities (18%)

•    Making devices greener / more sustainable (13%)


•    Internet of Things capabilities (12%)

•    Making devices smaller / more compact (10%)

•    Making devices faster / more powerful (8%)

•    AI capabilities (6%)

•    VR and new display technologies (4%)

•    Edge computing (3%)


Commenting on these findings, Tom Gregory, Product Manager at 6SigmaET said: “For those of us working at 6SigmaET, this research provided some really interesting findings. Whether you’re looking to incorporate 5G, make devices smaller or more sustainable, or prepare your designs for the Internet of Things, all of these new trends have major thermal implications.

“As new functions are incorporated into electronics, there is inevitably greater heat output. This seriously affect the reliability and sustainability of devices. Given this fact, engineers must place a far greater emphasis on thermal management within their designs. In the year ahead, we expect these changes to drive significant demand for thermal simulation software and advanced cooling solutions.

As well as running its annual survey, 6SigmaET also showcased its latest VR and thermal simulation offering at the Engineering Design Show. To find out more, visit: www.6sigmaet.info/

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