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IoT bears fruit with Mornsun’s support

29 October 2019

Mornsun-IoT-smart-greenhouse-Figure 1

The agricultural industry is an early adopter of IoT technology. Integrating an AC/DC DIN rail converter and DC/DC converter with data acquisition & process control provides fast-to-market system solutions, says Relec Electronics.

The IoT can be an efficient way to monitor soil for watering programmes and for harvesting. In the closer confines of greenhouses, growers can also use the convenience of gathering data using the IoT, saving energy and creating the optimum environment for a crop.

Such a greenhouse system can be complex, gathering data from a variety of sensors, and be able to power an array of actuators to control temperature, moisture, light intensity (shade) and the application of pesticides.

Typically, the actuators and sensors operate from a 24V DC supply, with a mains AC supply as the primary power source. The demand for IoT devices is driving the need for efficient, compact and economical power solutions. Moreover, the rate of innovation means that many solutions are customised to meet new and emerging applications.

Mornsun has configured a ‘smart’ greenhouse controller based on two converters from its range. The LI120-20B24R2 is an AC/DC DIN rail converter, and the WRF2405S-3WR2 is a 3W DC/DC converter. Both are available from power conversion and display specialist, Relec Electronics.

The LI120-20B24R2 provides a 24V DC bus for the greenhouse’s sensors and actuators, while the WRF2405S-3WR2 provides 3kV DC isolation. It supplies 5V for the main control unit and display and has safety features, such as self-recovering short-circuit protection.

Relec is a specialist in power conversion and display products, representing leading brand names including Mornsun in power conversion, alongside Bel Power, Chinfa, Cotek and Premium, with key display partners, Digiwise and RockTouch. Relec’s team of specialist advisers can refine an initial specification for a given application to include bespoke features to meet the needs of a particular project.

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