15 July 2008

Monebo and Freescale have collaborated to create an ECG-on-a-chip for ECG monitoring tool development.

Software developer, Monebo provides Kinetic ECG (electrocardiograph) software and Freescale provides embedded processing technology to create ECG monitoring tools that can be brought to market quickly.

ECG monitor identify heart conditions and are used around the world to monitor patients’ health, helping to identify, and so prevent, deaths from cardiovascular disease. Numbers are rising worldwide, with an annual toll of 20million deaths from cardiovascular disease by 2015.

The Kinetic ECG algorithm enables signal processing and interpretation of the ECG waveform. The algorithm provides accurate QRS (Q wave, R wave and S wave) detection and feature extraction, beat classification, interval measurement and rhythm interpretation fro up to 16 leads of captured ECG data.

The software is paired with Freescale embedded processors which enable designers to add advanced ECG monitoring functionality in a way that speeds development and so reducing time to market. Freescale is providing embedded MPUs and MCUs, including the 8bit HCS08, 16bit digital signal controller, 32bit ColdFire, PowerQUICC and i.MX devices to streamline the US FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration) validation and reduce development time.

The solution is scaleable and can lower development costs with a tested and validated ECG-on-a-chip in a ‘one-stop-shop’, according to Freescale.

It clan be used for event triggering, where auto-trigger alarms can warn of heart problems and provide call centre decision support. It can be used in bedside monitoring equipment, to provide real-time monitoring and adjust a patient’s dose of medication. It can be used in monitors that are used in cardiac rehabillitation or for home medical, portable devices and for health equipment that can be used to monitor heart rates and optimise the user’s workout.

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