Fibre optic video distribution

15 July 2008

Bi-directional OSA (optical subassembly) pairs have been announced by Omron.

Aimed at HDMI 1.3 HD video transmissions at speeds of up to 3.5Gbyte/sec, the company claims that the P1TX/ RX6A-SX51 TOSA/ ROSA offer video system designers an alternative to copper-based transmission lines. This is designed to address long-distance data transfer challenges demanded in the bandwidth-intensive, high-speed data applications associated with HDMI 1.3 compliant HD video and audio formats.

At the same time, the company has also announced an enhanced version of its existing SX4 DVI TOSA/ ROSA pair. It claims that the SX51 TOSA transmits three video and one high speed clock (digital data lanes) at up to 3.5Gbyte/sec and the SX51 ROSA receives these signals and transmits and receives one low-speed signal all on one multi-mode fibre. This enables the ROSA to output a control signal which increases the flexibility of system design, especially in HDMI v1.3 applications where manufacturers can implement their own features.

SX51 apparently supports HDMI 1.3 requirements and specifications which enables deep-colour support using up to 16bit per pixel to provide a spectrum of billions of colours, as well as loss-less audio playback through Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio formats.

The SX4B, an enhanced version of SX4A, has also been introduced by Omron and promises lower power consumption with a higher data rate. The P1TX4B-SX4-01 TOSA will accept PECL, CML and LVDS inputs while the P1RX4B-SX4-01 ROSA outputs are compatible with CML. An improved driver means that the transmitter has a 60 per cent lower power consumption rate than the SX4A; and the SX4B-D version is claimed to be capable of handling a data rate of 3.5Gbytes/sec per channel.

The company is supporting SX51 and SX4 with design tools including a microcontroller reference circuit, reference circuits for TOSA input/ ROSA output, a reference circuit for the low speed VCSEL (SX51), reference circuit for the low speed photo detector (SX51), and laser driver code .hex and .ee files.

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