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TE Connectivity meet demanding energy supply requirements at Middle East airport

13 September 2019


This case study outlines how TE Connectivity (TE) medium voltage joints & separable connectors can withstand extreme humidity, salinity & high temperatures to meet electrical requirements at Muscat International Airport.

A daunting task
Muscat International Airport is the major commercial air passenger hub of the Sultanate of Oman. Due to a steady increase of passenger numbers, the government undertook an expansion project to improve the airport’s facilities and capabilities. Apart from renovating the existing structure, the expansion included the construction of a brand-new terminal, covering 334,995 m², to enable Muscat International to handle 12 million passengers annually.

The engineers overseeing the energy supply structure requested:
•    Inner cone terminations for transformers and gas-insulated switchgear to supply the 33 kV outdoor substations;
•    Outer cone terminations for transformers and gas-insulated switchgear to supply the 33 kV indoor substations;
•    Medium Voltage terminations and joints to distribute the electrical power from the substations to the new terminal.

Due to the airport’s direct proximity to the Gulf of Oman, where temperatures of 50°C are common, engineering plans had to take the harsh conditions into consideration. The technical team sought solutions that would provide reliability and resilience under the duress of high salinity, high humidity and scorching heat. Reducing installation errors and costly failures was another top challenge.

A tailor-made solution
TE’s local team leveraged their expertise to deliver custom solutions to each of the different queries.

Inner cone terminations
TE Connectivity furnished the compact outdoor substations with its Raychem Plug-In Terminations (RPIT) inner cone connectors. Even in close quarters, the RPITs deliver exceptionally high-performance cable connections for transformers and switchgears from 12 kV to 52 kV. These inner cone terminations are hermetically insulated and fully encased in metal, which makes the electrical interfaces permanently sealed and impervious to salt fog or UV radiation.

To match the Muscat Airport expansion’s exact specifications, TE engineers used custom-length cables for the inner cone terminations. The RPIT units also proved very easy to set up thanks to their silicone parts and the user-friendly installation tool.

Outer cone terminations
To fit into the indoor substations, the outer cone termination solution had to be fully compatible with the customer’s pre-existing systems. Luckily, TE’s outer cone terminations can accommodate virtually any cable type, and their silicone components ensure reliability and top performance, making them a natural first choice.

Medium voltage terminations & joints
Because of the high levels of soil humidity on site, all underground joints had to be fully sealed to stop moisture from seeping into the joint and damaging it. To ensure the total integrity of the tubing system, TE’s engineers settled on heat shrink joints that are waterproof by design.

Smooth & reliable installation thanks to on-site training
To counteract the risk of incorrect installation and the resulting failures and losses, a local team of TE engineers provided on-site training which also gave them the opportunity to monitor the installation.

A rousing success
Renovating and expanding infrastructure, especially in the energy context, is a complex and challenging endeavor. Thanks to its far-reaching experience with Medium Voltage solutions, TE Connectivity was able to provide the full array of products necessary.

Even in the harsh conditions of the Bay of Oman, TE’s highly resistant products were a wise choice.

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