The growth of smart gardens: smart tech for your garden

07 August 2019

smart gardens_Veg+Trug smart sensor
smart gardens_Veg+Trug smart sensor

With smartphones, cars and homes, it seems like everything is getting smarter. So why stop there? The garden, a once untouched battlefield for electronic technology, is also beginning to feel the influence of smart gadgets, as smart agri tech migrates to consumer applications.

But gardeners should have no complaints, as the essence of smart tech is to make their lives easier, meaning less running around and a bit more TLC. And in fact, it’s not only about making life easier. New initiatives allow you to measure and record soil health – ultimately helping you save earth’s soil without even lifting a green finger.

But outdoor technology isn’t just about the soil. High street home & garden retailer, Robert Dyas now offers a whole range of gadgets to help make your garden smarter. Whether it’s energy-saving solar lighting, water recycling features or weather-resistant planters, there’s no reason your outside paradise should be left behind.

The plant reader

What better place to start your garden revolution than with your particularly treasured shrubs? Maintaining beautiful plants can be challenging, and you’re expected to be a plant ‘reader’, knowing exactly what they need 24/7. Enter the VegTrug Grow Care Garden smart sensor. This pocket-sized garden gadget tells you all you need to know through its app, everything from soil moisture content, fertility level, temperature and light intensity. There's also a smart solution for your indoor flora with the smaller, lighter VegTrug Grow Care Home, which will take care of your small indoor flower pots.

Struggle to trust weather reports? The Netatmo Personal Weather Station gives you instant, accurate information. This ultra-local climate data device measures temperature, humidity, air quality and CO2 levels, which can all be viewed on your smartphone. Ideal for a number of applications, for example, protecting your plants in low temperatures and knowing the right time to hang the washing out.

Time to get mow-tivated with an EV for your lawn

smart gardens_Netatmo personal weather station
smart gardens_Netatmo personal weather station

For those with a lawn, managing it can be a time-consuming nightmare and it only takes a couple of days to return to an overgrown grass jungle. But picking the right lawnmower to do the job can be a tricky task – or is it? The ideal combination of a cordless, battery-powered mowing machine is within reach in the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li-Ion Battery Cordless Lawnmower. This efficient grass cutter can cover 250m² in a single charge, and takes no more than two hours to power up ready for its next encounter.

Water you think about this?

With all this extra time on your hands thanks to technology taking the strain, it’s about time you start admiring your garden. For those with a pond in their garden, Sunjet Solar-Powered 50cm Water Pump is a welcome addition. Two LEDs switch on automatically after dusk to make for a striking display at night – all powered by a detached LED Solar Panel.

But size doesn’t always matter when it comes to water features as this Smart Garden Wishing Well Fountain can bring a little bit of wow factor to the garden. This small, self-contained decorative water feature has smart patented solar technology to power the fountain while it sits in your garden, adding a bit of wonder and intrigue to the garden.

In the moonlight

Finally, after you’ve smartened up your garden, you’re going to want to admire it in the moonlight. For the more stealthy gardeners, these Smart Garden Rock Spotlights blend into their environment. Their rock design will camouflage them into the garden and their smart light sensors mean they turn on and off automatically using the power of the sun to keep them going.

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