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New Raspberry Pi 4 enclosures from CamdenBoss!

07 August 2019

Camden Boss Raspberry Pi4 enclosures group image

CamdenBoss is delighted to announce the latest addition to its development board enclosures. Designed & manufactured using its market-leading Smartboxx technology, they enclose the new Raspberry Pi 4 SBC in 5 bespoke plastic cases.

Basic 2U shell designs form the basis, providing a low-cost solution. Vent cut outs on the top of the case allow for a 30mm fan to be attached; the Pi POE board is also compatible with this enclosure to tackle the running temperature of the Pi 4 board.

The four-piece model features white end panels that slide into place, and again addresses heat concerns.

An extended height and cube option provide increased internal space for TOP hat boards and other components to be attached.

The Hex model adds a spin on conventional housings with its unique shape and design. The vented back panel allows heat to escape. An additional cut out also allows for the connected wires to trail out the back.

Smartboxx offers a fast and effective method of getting your custom enclosure solution market ready and into volume manufacture.  

Our enclosures are all manufactured with no tooling, reducing set-up costs and time-to-market in the fast paced, innovative electronics industry.

Explore the range online and call our sales team today on 01638 716101 to find out what we can do for you.

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