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New from Relec: high-power 19” liquid-cooled PSUs for industrial applications

06 June 2019


Relec Electronics is pleased to introduce Bel Power Solutions' high-power portfolio of rack mount & chassis mount power supplies. The TCP3500 & TXP3500 family includes the fanless TCP3500 & fan-cooled TXP3500 modules, which both deliver a maximum of 3500 Watts.

The key benefit of the combination TCP converter rack solution with the “no fan” feature is that it prevents pollutants from circulating in the air, entering the system, which can lead to fan failures, or worse still, short circuits across the internal circuit boards.

The TCP3500 series is a universal input 3-phase AC-DC converter, with adjustable DC output and universal 3-phase AC input. Conduction cooling (no fans) makes this power supply series suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, where higher power density is paramount, but the use of forced air is not allowed. These might include laser systems and road-side traffic signals, among others, where pollution levels can be high.

Emphasis is given to reliability and long life. Parallel operation is possible, up to 16 units (50.4 kW). Passive or active current share system can be selected. The PSU includes DSP (digital signal processing), which monitors all electrical parameters (including input voltage of all 3 phases), and controlling the PSU from the system controller.

Suitable for a wide range of industrial and automation applications

The TCP3500 and TXP3500 series are suitable for industrial, laser, plasma generators, as well as process and control applications. The TCP3500 and TXP3500 Series of industrial converters employ a PFC stage and an isolated DC-DC stage to convert worldwide 3-phase input voltage (180 – 528 VAC) to an adjustable low voltage rail, suitable for fast dynamic and pulsed loads (up to 100 kHz).

RS485 bus is used for command, monitoring & diagnostic information

RS485 bus communication is used to command, monitor and provide diagnostic information that can be used to interface with a system controller. These converters supply a maximum of 3500W using conduction cooling/cold plate (TCP3500) or fan cooling (TXP3500) with an adjustable output from 10-50 VDC and fast output voltage set response time (5 ms), with active or passive current sharing.

Dimensions are 410 x 85 x 103 mm, and up to 16 units can be connected in parallel (~50 kW). The TCR-4-48G is a liquid-cooled 19? rack system that can combine up to four TCP3500 modules in a system that can supply a maximum of 14 kW in each rack, and four racks can be combined for 50.4 kW of output power.

TCP3500 series at a glance

TCR - 48G_front

•    Input: 180-528Vac 3ph

•    Outputs: 28V to 90V dc

•    Power: 3500W

•    Tamb: 0 to +70°C

•    Dims: 410 x 103 x 84.6 mm

•    Conduction or liquid cooled

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