Research commissioned to help close engineering gender pay gap by Royal Academy of Engineering

28 May 2019

RAE WISE Closing the engineering gender pay gap
RAE WISE Closing the engineering gender pay gap

The Royal Academy of Engineering has commissioned a research project with WISE (Women Into Science & Engineering) to quantify the gender pay gap for engineers in the UK, identify the underlying causes & recommend effective solutions.

This research project is a key element of the Academy’s diversity & inclusion strategy, which aligns closely with WISE Campaign’s core purpose of achieving gender balance in science, technology & engineering.

This research aims to:

1. build the first dataset of quantified data specific to engineering roles
2. examine the underlying reasons for a gender pay gap in engineering
3. make practical recommendations in the form of an action plan on how the gap could be closed

WISE is currently seeking participants for the research that will underpin this project, and would be interested to hear from engineering organisations in the UK. The research has two elements: quantitative and qualitative:

Quantitative research
WISE is looking for companies willing to provide a sub-set of their gender pay gap data for people employed in engineering roles.

Deadline for submission: 30th June 2019

We will use this data to calculate and analyse the gender pay gap for engineers, comparing the situation for engineers in different sectors.

Qualitative research
We are looking for individuals from organisations that employ engineers to join a focus group to discuss their personal and professional experiences.

There will be one focus group, held in central London, for each of the following groups of professionals:

1. 26 June 2019 (AM): HR / Reward representatives
2. 26 June 2019 (PM): Female engineers
3. 02 July 2019 (AM): Male engineers
4. 02 July 2019 (PM): Diversity & Inclusion representatives (either in a full-time role or as sponsors of Diversity & Inclusion for your company)

Why get involved?
By signing up to participate in this key research project, you can:

•    participate in a project that will be the first to deliver evidence and narrative on the engineering gender pay gap
•    be part of the first collectively developed action plan to close the gender pay gap in engineering
•    Contribute towards genuine and sustainable change

Be part of the change we need to make engineering a sector where everyone, regardless of gender, can make the best use of their abilities.

For more information on the research and to get involved, please email Stephen Howse, WISE Research Manager, at

For background reading on the causes of the engineering gender pay gap, please read the Engineering Gender Pay Gap literature review produced as part of this project.

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