PXI precision resistor modules

30 June 2008

Pickering has introduced two PXI precision resistor modules that have software interfaces based on simple resistance calls for each channel, allowing users to request the resistance value required.

The 40-261 is a two-channel resistor module range with channels covering the range of 1.5 Ohm to 2.9 kOhm or 10Ohm to 36 kOhm with setting resolutions of less than 2mOhm and 15mOhm respectively.

Model 40-297 is a range of high-density resistor simulators with a broader resistance range and higher channel count, but lower resolution than the 40-261. It is available in three standard configurations, with resistance ranges of 1Ohm to 230Ohm, 2Ohm to 13.5Ohm and 3Ohm to 1.5M Ohm with 18, nine and six channels respectively. The six-channel version has a setting resolution of 0.125Ohm.

The modules include calibration data that enables the driver to select the nearest value of resistance available. Both modules occupy one 3U PXI slot.

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