EPDT's 2019 PXI for Test & Measurement supplement now available online

01 May 2019

EPDT PXI for T&M supplement 2019
EPDT PXI for T&M supplement 2019

Included in this month’s EPDT May issue, this year's annual EPDT PXI for T&M supplement is now available in print or digital editions.

EPDT's annual PXI for T&M supplement (p23) opens with an introduction from incoming PXISA President, Bob Stasonis, discussing acceptance of PXI worldwide (p24 digital issue or web version).

The rest of the supplement features technical articles from some of the leading industry players in PXI, covering a range of T&M topics and PXI applications.

Keysight Technologies explain how industry standard PXI instrumentation can help design & test engineers address 5G NR RF test challenges (p26).

Marvin Test Solutions explain how leveraging industry standard FPGA design tools & interfaces can help test engineers simplify the design & implementation process, as well as facilitating support (p29).

Pickering Interfaces explain how programmable resistors can be used to replace actual sensors with simulation to reduce test costs (p32).

National Instruments (NI) explains how its patent-pending CableSense technology helps verify your test system and detect changes from a known golden setup to avoid test system downtime (p36).

And Mac Panel discusses how to maximise performance of PXI-based ATE using cable-free mass interconnect (p38).

I hope you enjoy our regular look at the world of PXI for T&M – and I’d love to hear what you think or any ideas for topics you’d like EPDT to cover in future editions. You can email me at mark.gradwell@imlgroup.co.uk...

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