LED displays help make a show in your showroom, say Selectronic

01 May 2019

Selectronic large scale LED display screens image

Large-scale LED display screens can help boost your business...

Large-scale LED display screens are the way forward for promotional and publicity uses, according to opto-electronic technology experts, Selectronic.

“This is the way to make a show in your showroom!” said Selectronic Managing Director, Kevin Dry. “Product promotion via large LED display screens can enhance many retail environments, but particularly larger spaces such as vehicle showrooms or warehouses,” he added. “It provides the platform for both product information and customer promotional video information.”
Large LED screen displays can be seen by customers from long distances, highlighting and enhancing what is being offered, and drawing customers in to see the products on offer.

Selectronic, based at Witney, Oxfordshire, have a wealth of experience in this field. Celebrating  their 40th anniversary this year, their LED display technologies can create outstanding advantages over other alternative LED wall displays on offer. “We can provide a big impact for any business which wants to get its promotional message across,” said Dry. “If you are looking to create  a dynamic retail area that will engage with your customers then please talk to Selectronic!”

LED screens are built up in tile form to provide the size and resolution required – and flexible options are available for curved type screens. There are countless possibilities, including indoor promotional and entertainment screens, which can also be provided for outdoor use, as well as for advertising hoarding at sporting and entertainment stadiums, or on promotional vehicles at public events.

“Selectronic are also able to offer driver electronic support, TFT large screen options and smaller screens for vehicle information stands, as shown in the photograph, in addition to retail shelf information panels,” said Dry.

The products come with a two-year warranty period and technical support. “We want to bring our customers’ needs to life, so any problems they have can provide us with an opportunity – with our vast wealth of knowledge – to provide solutions,” added Dry. “We are committed to our clients, taking quality seriously and our technical support is second to none to provide the best customer service.”

Technical specification
Selectronic’s P2.5 Indoor Full Colour LED Display module size is 320mm x 160mm, with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm, view distance 2-20 metres, view angle horizontal 140 degrees, vertical 120 degrees; colour configuration is SMD 3in 1 1R1G1B; module resolution 128x64 dots, and pixel density is 160000 dots/m2. The module weight is 0.5kg, and the cabinet size is 640mm x 640mm, which weighs in at 30kg.

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