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The voltage rises: read Schurter's white paper on 48 VDC automotive power

07 March 2019


The idea of a higher vehicle electrical system voltage in automobiles is not new. As early as the 1990s, a 42V consortium was set up. However, due to a lack of standards, this approach was not successful. But now everything is set to change.

Electricity used to be minimal in automobiles. They mainly ran mechanically. Electric windows? They didn't exist. For this, manually operated handles were used. Today, a whole host of electrical functions, such as seat heating, comfort and assistance systems, draw large amounts of electricity from the battery. In a 12V vehicle electrical system, higher and higher currents have to flow. To prevent this on-board network from surrendering, manufacturers are now installing a second, stronger network in-vehicle in parallel – with 48V direct current (48 VDC).

This combined on-board network of 12 VDC and 48 VDC helps to supply the constantly growing number of electrical consumers in cars with energy.

Read Schurter's 48 VDC white paper, which reviews the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of such a power network, as well as components required and EMC concerns.

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