Next generation Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 turns your smartphone into a smart key

28 February 2019

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 lifestyle shot
Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 lifestyle shot

Award-winning next gen smart lock retrofits over existing locks and introduces a range of new features, including Apple HomeKit & Zigbee compatibility.

Nuki, a leader in retrofit, smart access solutions, has announced its Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, the next generation of smart lock that turns your smartphone into a key. The smart lock blends security, reassurance and convenience for homeowners, who can give friends and family permanent access (like getting them a key cut) or temporary access (like lending them one) - and even grant one-off entry for a plumber or cleaner.

The smart lock can be turned manually, activated by touch, or operated with the Nuki Fob or the Nuki smartphone or smartwatch app (Apple iOS/watchOS or Android). It can also recognise you as you approach your home, automatically unlocking the door to provide easy, hands-free access – and lock the door behind you when you leave. Pairing the smart lock with the Nuki Bridge also enables full online access from anywhere, and an activity log can track whoever locked or unlocked the door, and when.

Nuki product portfolio [fob, bridge, smart lock, door sensor, keypad]
Nuki product portfolio [fob, bridge, smart lock, door sensor, keypad]

With a range of new features, the Smart Lock 2.0 includes Bluetooth 5 for improved range, enhanced internal processing power for speed of use, a door sensor for at-a-glance status updates on your home door, plus full Apple HomeKit and Zigbee compatibility.

The Smart Lock 2.0 has been specifically updated to cater for the common UK oval-cylinder lock, while retaining Nuki’s easily-installed retrofitting. The Smart Lock 2.0 seamlessly fits over your existing lock and key in less than three minutes, with no need to replace door fixtures, and integrates with existing Smart Home solutions, such as Ring and Nest, as well as popular voice assistants, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nuki’s interactive installation checklist at asks you 7 brief questions to determine if Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on your door lock.

“The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is our commitment to the burgeoning UK smart home market”, said Martin Pansy, CEO of Graz, Austria-based Nuki Home Solutions. “By listening to our UK community, we believe we have developed a market-defining home access solution that suits the UK smart home’s needs. We are thrilled to be bringing the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 to the UK market.”


Nuki Smart Lock 3 cross-section
Nuki Smart Lock 3 cross-section

Devised by multi award-winning Austrian designers,, built in Switzerland, and utilising bank-grade security software, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is fully compatible with Android and iOS, and can be used to assign digital access rights to friends, family, and service providers via the companion smartphone app. Nuki also negates the need to hide a key under a flowerpot and offers the convenience of the optional Nuki Fob and Nuki Keypad – ideal access solutions for children, tradespeople, carers and for those without a smartphone.

The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 was unveiled in the UK at the London Build Expo,  the UK’s largest construction expo, in October 2018.

New for 2019: Nuki has announced further product innovations, such as the Nuki Opener, a retrofit door release for intercom systems, launching in Q1 2019. This self-installation unit can be applied to entrance doors of communal buildings, as well as your own personal door and phone. Martin Pansy commented, "With the Nuki Opener, we are completing our product range and can offer a fully integrated solution for both doors in apartment buildings for an urban target group."

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