Fmicro miniature temperature sensors ideal for MedTech & wearable applications

09 August 2018


SeMitec’s Fmicro miniature thermistor sensor has been traditionally designed for use within medical applications, but is also ideal for the emerging wearable technology market.

Utilising thin-film technology, the Fmicro thermistor sensor is only 0.5mm diameter by 2.3mm long. It is designed around one of our smallest FT series thermistors, encapsulated in a polyimide tube and fitted with 38AWG insulated leads.

The Fmicro is accurate to ±0.2K at 37°C and is small enough to be incorporated within fitness tracking applications. The operating temperature range is -10/+70°C

For further information on the Fmicro and similar products within our range visit the Miniature Medical Temperature sensors page on our website at or call our technical sales team on 01606 871680.

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