FPGA heads for automotives

03 June 2008

Intel uses an integrated Xilinx Automotive (XA) FPGA in its infotainment reference design.

The Lower-Power Intel IVI reference design is for developing open infotainment platforms in automotive head units and combines the XA with the company’s Atom processor.

The FPGA company is a member of Intel’s Embedded and Communications Alliance and works with mutual customers to accelerate system development. In this instance, seen at Telematics Detroit, an XA Spartan-3 FPGA was used with the low-power processing and surrounding ecosystem of the Atom Z530 and Intel’s US15W system controller hub.

The FPGA’s role is to integrate automotive-specific functions, such as video capture support and MOST network connectivity, via the LogiCore NIC IP, or Media Local bus to support an external network controller and flash memory interface. In the reference design, video frame grabber for camera inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and low pin count interface for BIOS configuration.

XA devices integrate hardware and software components, including pre-verified Xilinx and third party application IP for networking, based on MOST, FlexRay and CAN industry standards.

The XA Spartan-3 FPGA-based companion chop for the Intel IVI reference design will be available next month.

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