Major EMC and wireless test lab expansion brings new jobs and faster time-to-market

22 November 2018

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Safety science company, Underwriters Laboratories, have announced their expansion, offering total service solutions and faster market access – at what is now one of the UK's largest commercial EMC and wireless test labs.

In particular, the company (UL) have expanded their capacity and capabilities in Basingstoke, Hampshire to address the UK's growing demand for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless testing and certification services.

Such a significant investment adds 37,000 square feet to the current facility, tripling its size – of which 15,000 square feet is dedicated to EMC and wireless testing.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, new developments such as 5G and AI will continue to significantly alter consumers’ buying habits and increase awareness of issues, including security and interoperability. Consequently, all industry companies must be sure not to fall behind, namely by failing to remain relevant and meet the new standards introduced to advance rapidly and help protect consumers.

As a result of these ongoing developments, customer requirements are evolving, and UL’s expansion reflects such needs – including larger laboratory capacity, shorter test programs and automation, and higher frequency bands, all in one single location.

These expanded services aim to ease the pressures that companies are facing today to have their products evaluated in a faster and more efficient way, and crucially, reduce their global time-to-markets.

Through the expansion, UL will provide all certification types and expertise across industries, technologies and geographies from one single location. This, in turn, will make it easier for companies to have their products evaluated in a faster and more efficient way, while continuing to promote safe living and working environments.

As Phil Davies, general manager of Consumer Technology for EMEA LA at UL explains: "This is another great moment in the development of UL's compliance services in the U.K. The significant investment in new facilities will offer a service solution with state-of-the-art, custom-designed chambers and sophisticated equipment.

“Due to the enormous demand we've seen, we're raising the bar in terms of service excellence, and by partnering with our customers, we fully expect to grow and develop further.

“This also results in new job opportunities whether [it is] in engineering, sales, marketing, finance or HR."

With their close proximity to the fast-growing 'tech corridor' in the south of England along the M3, UL's facility in Basingstoke is situated to help UL attract new talent, and work closely with clients to prepare their products for testing and understanding, as well as to meet the necessary regulatory requirements. Upon completion of the expansion, UL's Basingstoke headcount will grow to 250 professionals.

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