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Highly programmable super sequencer simplifies multi-rail power system management

06 November 2018

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Analog Devices have announced the Power by Linear™ ADM1266 Super Sequencer®, a highly programmable device for monitoring, sequencing, and margining up to 17 power supplies.

For larger rail counts, a proprietary 2-wire interdevice bus synchronises the operation of 16 ADM1266s. A built-in sequencing engine monitors each supply fault detector, general purpose inputs/outputs, and timers to turn the supplies on and off in a user-determined sequence. All configuration is performed through the intuitive ADI Power Studio GUI, reducing design time.

The ADM1266 provides a highly flexible yet simple solution to manage complex power systems on FPGA, ASIC, and processor boards in network routers and switches, servers and data storage systems.

- View the ADM1266 product page, download data sheet, order samples and evaluation boards: www.analog.com/ADM1266

The ADM1266 integrates an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and nine voltage output digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that adjust the feedback node or reference of a DC-to-DC converter to implement a closed-loop, autonomous margining system. A nonvolatile EEPROM records voltage, time, and fault information when instructed by the sequencing engine configuration, speeding fault debug.

The ADM1266, along with the ADI Power Studio software, offers a feature-rich configurable state machine to meet complex sequencing requirements. Built-in debugging features like breakpoints and black box, along with the software setup wizards, reduce development and debug time from days to a matter of hours. The interdevice bus between multiple ADM1266s ensures they perform like a single device, providing for an intuitive design process. By handling all complexity, the software fashions a seamless design experience from 17 rails to 257 rails.

Specified over the -40oC to 85oC temperature range, the ADM1266 is offered in a 64-pin 9mm x 9mm LFCSP package. Device samples and evaluation circuit boards are available online or from your local Analog Devices sales office. For more information, visit www.analog.com/ADM1266.

Summary of Features: ADM1266

· Margins, Trims, Sequences, Supervises & Monitors Supplies
· Supervises, Sequences & Monitors 17 Supplies
     · 257 Supplies with Cascaded ADM1266
     · 2-Wire Interdevice Bus for Cascading
     · Fully Programmable Sequencing Engine
· Industry Standard PMBus Interface
· EEPROM for Nonvolatile Configuration & Black Box Fault Recording
· Main & Backup Memory
· Supported by ADI Power Studio
· 12-Bit ADC for Readback of Supply Output Voltages
· 9 Voltage Output 8-Bit DACs for Supply Voltage Margining
· Powered from Highest of Two 3V–15V Inputs
· 16 PDIOs & 9 GPIOs

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9mm x 9mm LFCSP-64

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