Würth Elektronik eiSos ShielDIY shielding cabinets

15 October 2018

As the number one name in all EMC matters, Würth Elektronik eiSos has an extensive range of shielding cabinets in its programme.

The WE-SHC shielding cabinets keep electromagnetic radiation away from the circuit board and improve the noise immunity of the output and input stages of HF, oscillator and EMC-sensitive components in plastic housings.

As the latest addition, the manufacturer now offers the WE-SHC material as a prepared sheet for rapid prototyping. 'ShielDIY – Do It Yourself Custom Shielding Cabinet' is a 0.2 mm-thick metal sheet with pre-embossed fold lines at 5 mm intervals.

To produce an individual shielding cabinet of the required shape, the user simply needs to cut it out with scissors, then fold and solder it onto the PC Board.

For more information, visit www.we-online.com/shieldiy

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