IC set to improve MOST

20 May 2008

The networking standard for multimedia in vehicles, MOST, could now have wider applications.

MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a standard for interconnecting multimedia components that relies on optical fibre, so it operates at higher bit-rates than wired buses. MOST technology primarily allows for a range of multimedia devices, such as CD or DVD players, car radios, and personal navigation devices, to be added into the car with minimal effort.

Building on this, STMicroelectronics has recently announced the release of an integrated power management chip for multimedia networking in vehicles.

The L5961 power management IC, which has been designed in co-operation with fabless semiconductor manufacturer SMSC, includes the power supply and MOST-compliant power-management control logic, with enhanced diagnostic and full system monitoring (such as power supply, network status, wake-up events, and temperature). Other features include an integrated 5V or 3.3V, 650mA DC-DC converter which supplies the network processor and can also supply power to an external low-voltage application. Additionally, two voltage regulators supply power to the fibre-optic transmitter and fibre-optic receiver.

The new device features multiple power modes, including an ultra-zero power mode that offers a typical quiescent current of five microamps. By integrating the power management and power supply within the L5961, automotive manufacturers using the new IC will benefit from lower parts costs, and saved space on PCBs.

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