Camcorder is touch-sensitive

20 May 2008

Cypress Semiconductor supplies CapSense interface for the controls on JVC’s latest Everio model.

These ultra-slim Everio G series hard disk camcorders have touch-sensitive controls via a graphical control menu, courtesy of the PSoC CapSense from Cypress.

CapSense enables the capacitive sensing buttons and scroll bar which is integrated in the menu interface. The camcorder’s laser touch operation user interface is a touch-sensitive illuminated scroll bar next to the LCD monitor screen. Finger control is also used to scroll the bar up or down to browse and select video clips to either view or to edit. The same finger control operates the set-up menus on the camcorder.

The PSoC also delivers PWM (pulse width modulation) to control LEDs that follow finger control on the camcorders as well as implementing a custom communications protocol on top of the SPI (serial to parallel interface).

One of the design features of the Everio camcorders is their slim and compact size and low weight. A single CapSense device, claims Cypress, can replace dozens of mechanical switches and controls with a touch-sensitive interface. The button and slider controls are not as prone to environmental wear and tear as exposed mechanical buttons and switches.

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