Optical transport analyser tests transmissions

15 May 2008

The Yokogawa NX4000 is a transport analyser to test 40Gbit/sec SONET/SDH and 43/44Gbit/sec OTN optical communication systems.

Optical line rates are now being deployed at 40 Gbit/sec and faster. Many manufacturers are ramping up 40G+ designs for next generation networks.

Yokogawa has established the initial design requirements for a test platform to address the needs of this growing sector, and designed the NX4000 NGN tester.

The ability to cleanly transmit data at 40G+ line rates requires special optical modulation techniques such as non-return-to-zero (NRZ), optical duo binary (ODB), differential phase-shift key (DPSK), or differential quadrature phase-shift key (DQPSK). At present, there is no well-defined preference for one particular technique. The NX4000 has been designed on a modular basis using field-pluggable cards for each of these techniques.

The NX4000 consists of a mainframe unit containing slots for the NX4100 SONET/SDH base module, an optical interface module for either NRZ at 39.81 and 43.02Gbit/sec (NX4120) or DQPSK at 43.02 and 44.57Gbit/sec (NX4121), and an additional OTN module for 43.02 and 44.57Gbit/sec (NX4110).

The instrument meets OC0768/STM-256 and OTN OTU3 requirements, and can test 44Gbit/sec Ethernet over OTN using four 10Gbit/sec Ethernet channels with over-clocking of the OTU3 interface. It includes ITU compliant tunable DWDM line-side optics, and is compliant with the advanced optical modulation format.

The NX4000 carries out alarm, error, through-mode and full BER measurement of the payload, along with editing and monitoring of overhead data.

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