SGS publish white paper on E&E's international-type approval

03 September 2018

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Leading test and verification provider SGS has published a new white paper to assist manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic (E&E) products in overcoming barriers to enterprise.

The white paper, entitled ‘International Type Approval (ITA) for Electrical & Electronics (E&E) Products’, helps the E&E industry understand, comply and achieve certification against national and international type standards. Without a firm grasp of the complexities that surround certification, manufacturers and importers will struggle to access new markets quickly and efficiently.

Written in collaboration by six leading ITA experts, the white paper provides advice and guidance to consumer goods manufacturers and importers, helping them understand the increasing number of ITA schemes and providing them with a strategic advantage when meeting mandatory legal requirements for target markets.

The rise in own type-approval systems in many countries and regions around the world is a response to the continuous growth in global trading. It allows countries to achieve the following:

- Protect the environment by creating focus on the design, production and disposal phases of the lifecycle of electronic products

- Protect the health and safety of the user and other personnel

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- Enforce requirements relating to EMC regulatory compliance

- Ensure radio equipment is constructed so that it uses only the spectrum allocated to terrestrial/space communication and orbital resources, thereby avoiding harmful interference and protecting the integrity of the radio network in question

Co-author of the white paper and SGS ITA manager, Cherry Li, states: “For many organisations keen to access new markets, the multitude of national and international-type standards can be a very real barrier to enterprise.

"This paper offers valuable, comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the very latest country-specific type-approval schemes and is a key document in our ambition to support the industry in demonstrating compliance and achieving certification.”

The white paper, ‘International Type Approval (ITA) for Electrical & Electronics (E&E) Products’, is available for download at this link:

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