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25 March 2008

The ShareGen SPA 1000 Solderpaste Analyzer
The ShareGen SPA 1000 Solderpaste Analyzer

New solderability test equipment will be launched by Ascentech at the upcoming Apex exhibition.

Their newest product, the ShareGen SPA 1000 Solderpaste Analyzer, promises fast and accurate testing to help control and manage solder paste in the production process. According to the company, it helps reduce a range of defects, including missing components, tombstoning, component misalignment, and non-wetting to reduce inspection and rework time and costs.

The SPA 1000 Solder Paste Analyzer is a six-in-one solder paste test system that can perform up to six separate tests that would previously have been performed by separate instruments, in accordance to IEC 61189-5 and IPC-TM-650 standards. The system can also be used to conduct solder paste open time testing.

In addition, Ascentech will be exhibiting the MUST III Solderability Tester, a wetting balance testing system capable of testing to solder standards including ICE, MIL-STD, IPO/EYE/JADE.

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