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17 March 2008

SolderStar’s WaveShuttle PRO system
SolderStar’s WaveShuttle PRO system

An all new wave solder analyser has been announced by SolderStar.

In addition to preheat temperature profiles, solder pot temperature, chip and main wave dwell time and parallelism information, the new WaveShuttle system also directly measures PCB wave solder immersion depth.

The immersion depth measurement span ranges from 0.2mm up to 6.0mm, catering for bare board and pallet based production on fixed width and adjustable production lines. The WaveShuttle-PRO includes support for machines with separate preheat and soldering conveyors, and measurement of the conveyor speed for the pre-heat section and the soldering section is now made separately. This allows the user to independently fine tune each aspect of the process. Results are displayed in the accompanying wave central PC software on the company’s process checker charts. These provide a graphical single screen overview of the process set against relevant process limits. In addition, the integrated SPC manager feature allows the automatic generation of X-Bar and range charts for effective evaluation of process stability over time.

SolderStar’s WaveShuttle PRO system includes the customisable WaveShuttle test fixture, Wave Central PC software, USB rechargeable data-logger, and hardcopy manual.

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