No language barrier with gate system

10 March 2008

Promation SCBL-77G
Promation SCBL-77G

An enhanced passageway gate system has been released by Promation. Intended for high volume production, the SCBL-77G combines a small footprint passageway station with a vertical buffering station to allow for continued production, even with the gate is in use.

The station is 1500mm in length and offers a continuous pathway for PCBs to flow. When the gate is requested to be open, the 15-slot vertical buffer is able to accept PCBs from the line. The vertical buffer has 15 stacked edge belts, each at 30mm standard spacing. The spacing is selectable in every slot, every second, every third and every fourth slot. This station can operate in either LIFO or FIFO modes, in addition to the lift gate function. In addition, the station’s touch panel can provide multi-language support for English or Chinese speakers.

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