Multilayer varistors from AVX

04 March 2008

Three multilayer chip varistors from AVX deliver transient and ESD protection.

The varistors operate over the automotive temperature range of -55 C to 125 C and have high energy ratings of up to 25 joules in a 2220 case. The three versions, VC13, VC14 and VC20 are zinc-oxide based and have non-linear, voltage-current characteristics similar to back to back Zener diodes and an EMC capacitor in parallel, according to the company. The level of integration means the varistors require less PCB real estate and reduce the component placement costs.

A varistor has multiple strike capability without degradation, higher in-rush current, faster turn-on time and inherent EMI/RFI attenuation, all advantages over zener diodes. The VC series can protect devices from induced slow speed transient voltages and currents and, claims the company, ensure neglible degradation in signal integrity.

The automotive grade varistors have palladium silver terminations, DC and RMS operating voltages of 16V DC to 34V DC and 14V RMS to 20V RMS. Maximum peak current is up to 1200A, mean opwer dissipation is 0.03W and transient enerfy rating is 0.6 joules to 12 joules Cases sizes are 1206, 1210, 1812 and 2220. Clamping voltage is 40V to 77V

The varistors are specified with load dump and jump start test requirements.

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