Maxim's wearables for preventive health and fitness applications

21 November 2017

Maxim Integrated's medical wearables
Maxim Integrated's medical wearables

Through compact, low power solutions, Maxim's medical wearables enable accurate monitoring of vital signs to monitor wellness/fitness and prevent health problems before they even begin. 

Today’s continuous monitoring technology is shifting the consumer mindset away from a reactive monitoring approach to a proactive one. Rather than waiting for yearly doctor visits to receive results for blood pressure and other vital signs, consumers want real-time information about the status of their health.

This shift is causing an increased demand for accurate, small, and low power wearable devices – an important enabler for this new way of thinking. As continuous monitoring and preventive healthcare become more common, both technology providers and health practitioners must embrace and accommodate these new demands in order to be successful.

Maxim Integrated’s sensors for wearable health and fitness applications allow consumers to accurately monitor a variety of key vital signs while being mindful of low power (for longer battery life) and small size (for convenience and comfort). The data acquisition systems, MAX86140 and MAX86141, can be used to measure PPG (photoplethysmogram) signals on the wrist, finger, and ear to detect heart rate, heart rate variability, and pulse oximetry.

The MAX30001 measures ECG (electrocardiogram) and bioimpedance on the chest and wrist to detect heart rate, respiration, and arrhythmias. Compared to competitive solutions, the MAX86140 and MAX86141 require less than half the power and is approximately one third smaller, while the MAX30001 requires approximately half the power in almost half the size. By collecting beat-to-beat data about the heart, these solutions collect accurate data so users can recognise important symptoms when they first begin. In addition, the MAX30001 meets IEC60601-2-47, clinical ECG standards.

For more details, visit this link from Maxim; and for further information on medical wearables, visit our feature article

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