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18 February 2008

WT-100-2C XL
WT-100-2C XL

As a full service provider of printed circuit board handling solutions, robotic soldering systems, custom automated work cells, and technical work benches, Promation has announced the release of its latest in-line workstation.

The WT-100-2C XL is a 1,000mm-long workstation that can handle PCBs up to 18-inches by 18-inches. The station boasts dual 500mm drives and each has independent variable speed control, front work surface, overhead lighting and rear parts bin panel. Current modes of operation include check and pass through conveyor with hand and foot pedals for PCB release when the operator is finished.

Promation can also add many other features, such as overhead tool trolley, tool balancer, additional parts bin panel on swing arm, eight-outlet power strip, and a wire mesh shelf above the parts bin panel. For a limited time, Promation will include six ESD jumbo style hanging part bins with each station. Each bin offers high capacity storage and is ESD safe.

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