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Add a 4G / 3G mobile data connection to the Raspberry Pi

09 October 2017

Introducing the PiIoT – able to communicate with the Raspberry Pi using serial or USB communications, with separate channels for control, data and location data.

The PiloT is a WAN communications board which provides a 3G / HSPA 4G / LTE wireless interface for the Raspberry Pi. It features an on-board Sierra Wireless HL Series module teamed with a SIM card of the user’s choice, as well as a GNSS solution, which is used to provide location and time information. The device can be powered by the Raspberry Pi, or a separate power supply can be used.

When used in CDC-ECM mode over USB, the PiIoT presents as an Ethernet-like WAN device, simplifying control of data sessions. In this mode, PPP is not required: a simple command initiates the session. The PiIoT can also be used to transfer data to the Sierra Wireless AirVantage service using MQTT from a Raspberry Pi; offering a rapidly deployable device-to-cloud architecture.

Four different variants of the PiloT are currently available: the HL7692, which provides a 4G / LTE connection for the European market; the HL8518, which provides a 3G / HSPA connection for the European market, the HL8548, which provides a 3G / HSPA connection for the global market; and the HL8548-G, which caters to the global market, and provides a GNSS engine – based on SiRF V technology. GNSS data can be transferred over serial or USB interfaces, providing accurate location information for your application. It can also be used to provide accurate time.

The PiloT
The PiloT

The PiIoT uses a small number of I/Os; the remainder are passed through on the 40-pin headers for use by other applications. Simple AT commands are used to control and monitor sessions on the Sierra Wireless HL Series module.

The PiloT is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and Zero, and can also be used in standalone mode to provide communications to other development boards.

For more information, visit this link from LinkWave.

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