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60 years’ service to electronic manufacturing

25 September 2017

Did you know that Dynamic EMS has origins back to 1957 when Rochester UK was incorporated as a sister company of Rochester Inc. USA, changing its name to Dynamic EMS in 2005? 

Mr. John Dignan became the company Managing Director in 2011 and subsequently acquired the company in 2104. Mr. Dignan brings a modern style of management to the company to move it forward in a ‘dynamic way’.

As John celebrates the company’s ‘diamond jubilee’, he takes time to reflect on the Dynamic EMS’ past, whilst setting the scene for future celebrations.

Dynamic EMS employs close to 100 people and has grown significantly under John’s leadership, a style that he refers to as ‘paternalistic with an open culture’. John has been careful to stick to the company’s historic roots, whilst embracing the technology of today to simplify the supply chain process.

In sixty years in the UK, we have witnessed the Commonwealth, wars, the growth in automotive and aviation, decimalisation, space travel, a recession, a new millennium, the eurozone, industrialisation, the phenomenon that is the world wide web, IoT, Brexit, artificial intelligence (AI), natural disasters, 3-d printing, robotics, automation… the list could go on and on. But through all social, environmental, political, technological and economic challenges, Dynamic EMS has stood solid, instilling trust into the minds of our customers, some of whom have enjoyed the full sixty-year journey with us.

The past sixty years has had its ups and downs for electronic manufacturing in the UK. Many of our competitors have exited the UK completely, whilst some have consolidated, and I believe more closures and consolidations are to come between now and 2020. One fact remains steady, we at Dynamic EMS have ridden the wave of change, and will continue to do so for the next sixty years.

Through more recent years, technology has enabled us to work smarter. Our business model has evolved from being one that focused on Printed Circuit Board (PCB), build-to-print, to a service-based model throughout the complete supply chain. As our customers and their markets adapt, we support them by being equally, if not even more agile. This enables us to provide the required flexibility to forecast fluctuations and exceed our customers’ highly complex, customised electronic manufacturing needs.

So, what do the next sixty years hold for Dynamic EMS?

Dynamic EMS will continue to build its ‘business ecosystem’ with a variety of organisations that will ultimately result in some form of customer engagement in the near to mid-term. As the company grows, we will be strategic in our investments and look for a return (ROI). We have developed a sales strategy that is sector based and diversified in ‘niche’ technologies. This looks to attract like-minded individuals who value our service offering. We believe that a contributing factor to our year-on-year growth has come from deploying this strategy and by choosing the right customers to engage with.

Dynamic EMS will continue to grow its UK indigenous business with the potential to grow on an international basis, as we look to attract more European and North American based customers.

Our sixty years of success is a result of our business commitment. We haven’t deviated too far from our original plan to ensure customer delight. This mission is what has continued to keep our customers close. It is very important for us to understand the individual needs of our customers and the needs of their customers’, to develop tailor-made solutions to suit all partners in the supply chain. This only comes from investing in the relationship and taking a long-term view, not a quick-fix approach.

With regards to what the near future holds for Dynamic EMS, well, you are going to see us go through our own transformation. We have invested in our own brand, not only to continue to delight our current customers but also to open new opportunities for us. We have evolved our brand identity to celebrate sixty years of success and to illustrate how we will continue to differentiate ourselves and to service our customers’ needs for another sixty years and beyond.

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