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Healthcare. Re-imagined. Re-engineered.

10 October 2017

Throughout history, engineers have driven the advance of civilisation. As populations grow and our needs evolve, sustaining humanity’s progress whilst improving our quality of life becomes more challenging. National Instruments empowers its customers to create systems that improve our world and address the challenges of today, as well as those yet to come.

No facet of human life has escaped engineering innovation, including the most precious part of our existence – our health. From targeted drug delivery systems to advanced heath informatics, we are no longer just providing better treatment for existing medical conditions, we are beginning to pre-empt them. However, a direct result of improved healthcare is an ageing population that, ironically, puts even greater demands on healthcare. The average age within UN countries has risen from 29 in 1950 to 37 in 2000, and it is forecast to rise to 46 by 2050.

Fortunately, the future is bright. The healthcare industry is growing faster than almost any other engineering sector. At National Instruments (NI), we are witnessing this technological boom through our customers, who are developing all manner of medical breakthroughs.

Researchers at Oxford University used NI tools to prototype low-cost, electronic spectacles that enable the blind to see. Engineers at the University of Leeds used NI CompactRIO to create therapeutic devices that help rehabilitate cerebral palsy sufferers. Whilst a Bristol-based roboticist is using NI technologies to validate 3D-printed prosthetic hands for children.

Learn more about the extraordinary medical innovations produced by LabVIEW users at ni.com/medical.

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