Industry’s lowest power zero-drift operational amp consumes only 1.3µA

11 July 2017

The LTC2063 operational amplifier

The LTC2063 zero-drift operational amp draws just 1.3µA typ (2µA max) on a 1.8V supply. This micropower amplifier maintains uncompromised precision.

Its maximum input offset voltage is 5µV at 25°C, maximum drift is 0.06µV/°C from –40°C to 125°C. Maximum input bias current is 15pA at 25°C, and 100pA from -40°C to 125°C. These high-precision input characteristics allow the use of large value feedback network resistors, keeping power consumption low without compromising accuracy, even at elevated temperatures.

Rail-to-rail inputs and outputs simplify single supply use and enhance dynamic range. An integrated EMI filter provides 114dB electromagnetic interference rejection at 1.8GHz. With low 1/f noise inherent to its zero-drift architecture, the LTC2063 is well suited for amplifying and conditioning low frequency sensor signals in high-temperature industrial and automotive systems as well as portable and wireless sensor network applications.

The LTC2063 is available in SOT-23 and SC70 packages. The SC70 version includes a shutdown mode which reduces current consumption to just 90nA when the amplifier is not in use, and this enables ultralow power duty cycled sensor applications. For example, a precision low duty cycle oxygen sensor circuit shown in the data sheet consumes less than 200nA average current.

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