Mixed signal scope adds logic input

01 March 2007

Yokogawa (www.yokogawa.com/eu) has raised the stakes for mixed signal oscilloscopes, by adding a 32bit logic input in addition to the four 1GHz analogue channels in the SignalXplorer DL9710L oscilloscope. The compact unit measures 350mm x 200mm x 285mm and weighs approxmately 8kg.

It is designed for users to analyse logic signals as well as analogue waveforms, moving away from the limited display and analysis capabilities for logic signals of existing models, according to the company. The user can assign 32bit logic signals into up to five groups with no limit to the number of bits in each group.

The full state display and bus display functions of a logic analyser can included to co-ordinate analysis of analogue and logic signals.

The instrument can simultaneously measure and analyse analogue data and 32bit logic signals on the four channels. Each channel has a 1GHz bandwidth and a sampling speed of up to 5Gsample/sec. Memory length is 6.25mW/channel across all 36 channels.

The scope offers high-speed acquisition with an update rate of up to 25,000 waveform/sec. A history memory function can recall and display acquired data from up to 2,000 screens’ past waveforms, for waveform observation, troubleshooting and analysis, together with zoom and search functions.

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