Plasma cleaning for enhanced adhesion

12 June 2017

Relyon PZ-i Piezobrush
Relyon PZ-i Piezobrush

This piezoelectric technology is enhanced for use with automated production equipment and ready to be mounted on a robot or other machine for semi- and fully-automated applications.

This brings the benefits of the handheld Piezobrush PZ2, namely its small size and ‘cold’ plasma technology, and makes it simple to integrate into a production process.

The Relyon PZ2-i Piezobrush ionises atmospheric gas to plasma-clean and activate surfaces for improved application of adhesives, or for wetting prior to printing or coating. This is especially useful for surfaces that are difficult to bond or print onto. The low temperature ‘cold’ plasma discharge is often superior to mechanical or chemical methods of activation or cleaning, especially for delicate parts.

The PZ2-i Piezobrush can activate surfaces prior to the use of adhesives, coatings or inks in industries such as electronics, medical device manufacture, automotive, packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and in laboratory and development work. It aids surface wetting for inkjet or pad printing and encoding for parts across all industries, from automotive to consumer.

Using the unique Relyon piezoelectric technology, the PZ2-i transforms low input voltage into high electric field strengths, dissociating and ionising the process gas, which is normally ambient air (although nitrogen or other gases can be used). The PZ2-i Piezobrush is convenient and simple to use, requiring only mains electricity and a compressed air source.

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