Accelerating cloud-based IoT development projects

17 March 2017

ON Semiconductor launched its IoT Development Kit (IDK), which encompasses both hardware and software elements.

This multi-faceted product, with a modular construction, presents a configurable platform that enables engineers to evaluate, develop and release to market highly differentiated IoT systems in the shortest possible timeframes. The inherent flexibility of the IDK means that it has the necessary scope to address a broad spectrum of industry sectors - including environmental monitoring, healthcare, home/building automation, industrial control and wearable electronics.

The IDK’s baseboard features the company’s advanced NCS36510 system-on-chip (SoC), with a low power-optimised 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core, running the ARM mbed OS. By attaching different daughter boards to the Wi-Fi enabled IDK baseboard, a wealth of connectivity protocols enabled by the company’s ultra-low power radios (SIGFOX, Thread, EnOcean, Wireless Mbus, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, PoE, CAN, etc.), sensors (temperature, moisture, ambient light, proximity and pressure, along with heart rate monitoring and bio sensor interfaces) and actuators (with stepper and brushless motor driving, plus the ability to drive LED strings) can be added to the system. In addition, the portfolio includes support for numerous functions important for implementing security, including encryption, secure debug, secure boot and authentication.

This is complemented on the software side by an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that includes a C++ compiler, debugger and code editor. A comprehensive set of application examples, use cases and related libraries have also been incorporated into the package, in order to facilitate the process of taking IoT designs from the initial concept phase through to full scale deployment. In addition to the default cloud software platform, support for industry standard Cloud connectivity protocols (MQTT and REST) allows utilisation of other widely used IoT cloud service providers.

Available daughter boards include SIGFOX, PoE, and CAN connectivity; motion, ambient light, and touch pad sensing; and stepper motor, BLDC motor and dual LED driver actuation.  EnOcean, Thread and Wireless Mbus support is planned to be available in Q2, 2017, with BLE planned to follow in Q3, 2017.  Temperature, moisture, proximity and pressure sensing devices are also planned to be available in Q2.

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