ICs deliver power to EnergyStar and CEC

01 November 2007

From 'the TOPSwitch company’ comes a family of AC/DC power conversion ICs that meet existing and proposed energy standards such as CEC (Californian Energy Commission) and EnergyStar, to reduce standby power with best-in-class efficiency over the entire load range.

The TOPSwitch-HX from Power Integrations (www.powerint.com) is the result of a complete redesign of the monolithic devices and is claimed to deliver efficiency at all load conditions, i.e at no-load and low load.

The ICs used the company’s EcoSmart energy-efficient technology to deliver up to 48W without heat sinking, and up to 150W with a heat sink.

There is the capability to deliver over 600mW output for 1W input and a no-load power consumption is less than 200mW.

It uses four power modes to provide efficient operation across the load range. From full frequency mode, the ICs can perform seamless transition from cycle skipping mode and then variable and fixed, or pulse width modulation modes, and back to cycle skipping mode to optimise power efficiency at all levels in LCD monitors, set top boxes, efficient standby in PCs and printers as well as in consumer and industrial applications.

There are 10 members of the family, ranging from 20W to 70W, all available in lead-free DIP-8, SMD-8, TO-220 and SDIP-10C packages. This last is the same as the DIP-8C but with added functionality and less coupling on the circuitry, minimising noise and EMI. A reference design kit, RDK-142 is also available.

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