New Rehm VarioFlex added to portfolio

10 January 2017

Altus Group introduced their customers to the new Rehm Thermal Systems VarioFlex which has been developed for highly selective conformal coating processes.

With the increase in miniature components, the requirement for smaller tolerances between areas to be lacquered becomes more difficult. To address this problem Rehm have added the VarioFlex curtain nozzle to their Protecto system

Protecto system offers manufacturers peace of mind for automatic in-line coating tasks. The machine can be used in several application methods including dispensing, spraying or jetting, without changing the applicator or causing ‘splatters’. It also has the ability to coat hard to reach areas for example underneath components because of the connectible manifold cut-out which can be found on the Stream Coat nozzles. Measuring up to 100 mm long and only 2.4 mm thick it can add a protective coating between tightly packed, tall components, stopping the need for manual re-coating. The manifold cut-out does this by pushing the coating material under the component. Up to four different selective coating tasks can be performed effortlessly with up to four coating applicators in multiple applications.

Incorporating the VarioFlex curtain nozzle high-speed and precision applications can be met. With a slim extension arm densely populated assemblies can be processed easily. The ‘lacquer curtain’ is applied as a closed film – without spray mist and with a very precise edge sharpness. The curtain width can also be easily programmed with an automatic pressure regulator and high-precision sensor, so up to five different parameters can be used during the application of an assembly. This can be programmed off-line which helps in effectively uploading a coating program.

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