Lauterbach announces debug support for ARMv8-M

10 January 2017

Lauterbach announced that its TRACE32 debug tools now support cores of the new ARMv8-M family.

These new cores of the ARMv8-M family include the Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 core and have similar performance to the existing Cortex-M3/M4 devices, whilst offering low power performance and a small footprint. They also include a new integrated version of the ARM TrustZone ensuring that these cores are suitable for secure IoT applications.

“Our TRACE32 tools fully support these new cores,” said Barry Lock, UK Manager at Lauterbach. “This includes support for the ARM TrustZone mechanism, enabling the developer to have full visibility and control during the development process.”

Lauterbach debug tools have become a favourite with many hi-tech engineers, and the company is recognised for both engineering excellence and exceptional technical support. Lauterbach tools support all of the major families of microprocessor cores, covering products from 75 silicon companies. The quality and capability of Lauterbach tools enable engineering teams to develop robust code whilst minimising development time lost to debugging.

“The TRACE32 tools provide the ARM Cortex-M microprocessor developer with a comprehensive debug environment,” said Barry Lock. “For customers who already have Lauterbach debug tools for Cortex-M, a software update will enable access to these new device types.”

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