Software environment for TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device chip

23 November 2016

Renesas Electronics Europe announced its new host drivers and an upgrade of the software environment for the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip.

The new software version, based on the latest PROFINET standard, simplifies the PROFINET certification process and speeds up the time-to-market for new PROFINET developments. In addition, TPS-1 ready-to-use host drivers for the RX630 Group and RX231 Group of microcontrollers (MCUs) will also be available, enabling a wider choice of ready-to-use host processors including host processors that support various IoT security features. 

The TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip, jointly developed by Phoenix Contact and Siemens, is particularly suitable for compact IO devices and drives. Delivered with the bundled, royalty free PROFINET IRT stack and free of charge development tools from Phoenix Contact Software, the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip supports developers with quick and simple entry in the PROFINET IRT market. This results in lower bill of material (BOM) cost for implementing a PROFINET IRT interface and faster time-to-market.

New updates for Renesas’ PROFINET IRT Device Chip:

1. New software version – simplified PROFINET IRT certification

The TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip will be delivered with the latest version of the Phoenix Contact software kit consisting of protocol stack and development tools. The new software version 1.4 is based on the PROFINET specification V2.31, and fulfills the most stringent netload requirements. This simplifies the certification process and enables faster time-to-market. The TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip only requires minimum integration efforts to use the new software and to achieve the most robust PROFINET implementation by dividing its roles between the application chip and the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device chip. 

2. New Host Drivers - Increased IoT security and high power efficiency 

The new host drivers for the RX630 Group and RX231 Group of MCUs give PROFINET implementers more flexible choice in host processors. Renesas’ RX Family of 32-bit MCUs are built around Renesas’ exclusive RXv1/RXv2 CPU cores and combine excellent operation performance with high power efficiency. The combination of low power consumption and high performance make both RX630 and RX231 MCUs suitable for industrial and healthcare devices. Additionally, the RX231 was designed for IoT security and safety, offering hardware-based safety features for UL and IEC60730. The RX231 MCUs come with strong security features: Trusted Secure that offers AES encryption, a hardware-based Random Number Generator (RNG) and Unique Device ID, as well as an access management circuit to prevent unauthorized access to AES, TRNG and crypto-key. 


The new Phoenix Contact software kit and host drivers will be available in December 2016, and will be delivered with the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT Device Chip. (Availability is subject to change without notice.)

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