Solutions for shielding automotive subsystems

08 November 2016

Parker Chomerics showcased a range of new products for shielding and protecting electronics subsystems in multiple applications.

Chomerics demonstrated a custom made control unit that employs its latest technologies to handle EMI/RFI and protect against environmental and thermal effects.

The demonstration assembly, which was originally developed for an ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) control unit, includes an electrically conductive plastic cover, microwave absorber material, EMI co-extruded and form-in-place gaskets, and thermal interface materials.
Chomerics Cho-Touch Displays, which integrate touchscreens, optical bonding and high performance LCDs into a complete assembly to simplify the customers design experience, will be showcased for the first time. There will also be a preview of a new urethane antenna gasket, which provides an electrically conductive fluid and pressure sealing solution for aerospace applications.  

Finally, the Chomerics booth featured a newly developed high performance board level EMI/RFI shielding compound. This innovative technology enables significant reductions in shielding footprint as well as improved device performance.

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